Yeast, Fat and Sugar Free Section
Artisan, Sourdough, multi-grain, Tuscan (100% Whole Wheat), Rosemary,
Russian Rye, Swiss Rye, Basket Rye, Sunflower Rye, Ciabatta, Flaxseed,
Caraway, New York Pumpernickel, 50% Sour, etc.

Fat & Sugar Free Section (Very Low Yeast <1%)
Saloio Buns, Pao De Casa bread and buns, Portuguese Buns, Kaiser Buns,
Hamburger Buns, White Pita, Whole Wheat Pita, Baguettes, Mini-Baguettes,
Dinner Rolls, Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls and Buns, French bread, Vienna
bread, Hot Dog Buns (White & Whole Wheat), Italian bread, German Buns,
White, Whole Wheat and Multi-grain Sandwiches, and loaves.

Other Breads (Very Low Yeast & Sugar Free)
Focaccia Slab, Focaccia Round, Olive Oil & Herbs Slabs, Cheese Buns, etc.

Buy 5 breads whether in a day or a year
and get the 6th one FREE.


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